It's important to all of us at The Digi Sloth that as a small business we take responsibility for the items we're sending out into the world.


There's no need for quality to be sacrificed in order to achieve a more green, environmentally friendly way of producing, packaging and shipping orders.


Through a lot of trial and error we have made sure that our changes haven't led to any loss in quality in our products - they only result in happy customers and a happy Earth!


We're very proud of where we've got to so far, but there'll always be room for improvement - so if you spot any part of our process that you think can be improved, get in touch!


Below are some of the larger changes we've made to our company to reduce waste, reduce plastic usage and to be more gentle to our planet...

FSC Certified

All of our card stock is FSC certified and sustainably sourced.

That means we're purchasing from responsible providers who care about keeping our forests healthy and thriving!

No Plastics

We don't do plastics.

Your order won't come with any unnecessary plastic wrapping.

We package our products in tissue paper or biodegradable cello bags.


If you purchase a card from The Digi Sloth you'll receive a 100% recyclable card and envelope. We even ensure any labels we use for sticking the address on to your order are made from sustainable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable material.

Printed To Order

We print cards to-order and in-house at The Digi Sloth.

This means we're not ordering in lots of pre-made cards that go to waste and have to travel all the way across the country to reach us. This avoids paper waste and reduces our carbon footprint.